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About Us


  1. ABS is a reservoir of expertise from various fields made available to individuals, businesses, administrations and the State, in order to make them more productive.

  2. ABS aims to be a source of solutions in a political, economic and social environment that is constantly deteriorating. We find for you experts who carry out upstream diagnostics on observed dysfunctions and propose operational, rational and effective solutions downstream.

  3. ABS is a platform for meetings, exchanges and partnerships between diverse profiles of diverse origins which promotes inclusive development “Connecting people”).

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Discover our team

Where passion begins


Yolène Ntamack Epoh

General manager


Deputy General Director

Luc Ekoto N.

Administrative director


Natacha Nna Ndo

Director Azyra Events

Arlette S. Mbida

MJ Mpacko

Head of Marketing and Digital Com Department

Head of Training Department

Our Consultants: As needed, Azyra Business Solutions relies on a national and international panel of consultants, made up of Academics, Diplomats, Magistrates, Chartered Accountants, Auditors, Tax Specialists, International Civil Servants , etc., as well as on its network of partners in Africa, Europe and America (learned societies, Research Centers, etc.).
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